Retail Appliance Recycling Programs by ARCA Recycling

ARCA provides collection and recycling of household refrigeration appliance take-backs from both big-box retailers and independents. Retailers promote the appliance recycling program via point-of-sale marketing materials and use ARCA as the recycling contractor.

These retailer partnerships are a cost-effective way to prevent units from entering the used-appliance market, where many of them will return to the local grid. Without a recycling program element, the remainder will often be processed improperly—if at all—to remove hazardous components and materials at end of life. ARCA has included appliance retailer promotion and participation elements in its programs since supporting California’s statewide SBX1-5 Appliance Recycling Program in 2001-2002.

ARCA understands the household appliance industry and the role of used appliances and recycling.  Through ARCA retail recycling programs, we ensure that all collected appliances are permanently removed from service.  Appliances will never be resold or exported to used-appliance markets;  units are disposed of properly in an environmentally sound manner.

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