Arca Recycling

Stand-Alone Dehumidifier Recycling

June 8, 2022

Program Overview

While dehumidifiers have long been a part of appliance recycling programs when collected with a qualifying large appliance, you may not know that the kWh and kW savings associated with recycling dehumidifiers justify adding them as a stand-alone measure.

Based on the Mid-Atlantic TRM (V10), dehumidifier recycling can generate over 1,000 kWh of savings per unit annually. Since few programs have offered stand-alone dehumidifier pickup and recycling, this may be an untapped market with huge potential for kWh savings, peak demand reduction and customer satisfaction.

Program Benefits

Case Study – Efficiency Smart Stand-Alone AC and Dehumidifier Recycling

Efficiency Smart’s Appliance Recycling Rewards Program in Delaware accepts dehumidifiers and window air conditioners as stand-alone measures.

These appliances can be picked up on their own, or with another qualifying appliance (refrigerator or freezer). The customer is rewarded with a $50 incentive per working appliance.

The program launched in Summer 2020 and has been well received by customers. The convenience of having their dehumidifiers or air conditioner picked up from their home, and responsibly recycled, along with receiving a $50 incentive for doing so, have been huge selling points for the program.

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