Arca Recycling

Midstream Secondhand Appliance Recycling Programs

June 9, 2022

Program Overview

Keep old, non-ENERGY STAR® refrigerators and freezers from re-entering the market by partnering with ARCA Recycling on a Midstream Retail Appliance Recycling Program at local secondhand and pre-owned appliance retailers.

We ask secondhand and pre-owned appliance retailers to set aside the oldest, most inefficient models that come in for resale. Instead of retailers repairing and reselling these units, the program intervenes and offers them up to the standard per-unit Appliance Recycling Program incentive.

Utilities are able to claim savings by preventing the oldest, most inefficient models from being sold in their service territory. ARCA Recycling is able to collect these appliances at a lower per-unit cost due to bulk pickups, which results in more cost-effective savings.

Program Benefits

Case Study – Sacramento Municipal Utility District

ARCA Recycling piloted the Midstream Secondhand model with Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) at one retail location starting in January 2020. Appliance Warehouse sets aside appliances manufactured prior to 2001 that are not ENERGY STAR-certified. ARCA Recycling picks up these appliances for recycling on a regular basis and Appliance Warehouse receives the standard recycling incentive in exchange for not reselling the inefficient appliances.

The model has been successful, with SMUD claiming savings from this channel through their standard Appliance Recycling Program. Volume through this channel made up approximately 25% of overall Appliance Recycling Program volume during this pilot.

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