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ARCA Recycling, a Subsidiary of JanOne Inc., Unveils New Logo and Website

Minneapolis, July 05, 2022

ARCA Recycling, Inc. (ARCA), a wholly owned subsidiary of JanOne Inc. (NASDAQ: JAN), unveiled a new logo that aligns its visual identity with the innovative and environmentally responsible services it offers. While ARCA’s core mission to deliver best-in-class energy efficiency and environmental protection programs remains unchanged, the company has expanded its customer base in recent years. ARCA has significantly grown its commercial recycling business and is working to expand options for responsible appliance recycling to broader audiences.

Along with the new logo, ARCA also launched a new corporate website. The new ARCA website, features improved functionality and a new modern design which will make it easier for users to find relevant information on ARCA’s broad range of services quickly.

ARCA’s new logo and website are reflective of the company’s commitment to building a greener tomorrow. ARCA believes that properly handling appliances at the end of their useful life is critical to preserving resources for future generations. In the last 12 months ARCA has recycled more than 140,000 appliances. By using the best environmental practices to recycle these appliances, carbon dioxide equivalent emissions were reduced by over 136,600 metric tons, which is equal to the carbon dioxide emissions from 16,400 homes’ energy use for one year. In addition, over 8,500 tons of metal, glass and plastic were recycled rather than landfilled.

“As we have added new services, technology and locations, we have been able to diversify our customer base while providing a higher level of service,” said Rachel Holmes, Executive Vice President at ARCA. “Our new brand identity reflects our evolution and our commitment to providing modern and innovative appliance recycling and energy efficiency options.” The new logo and website launched on July 1, 2022. The company name and addresses will remain unchanged.

About ARCA Recycling and JanOne Inc.

ARCA Recycling and its parent company JanOne Inc. share a mission to better the world by preserving its health. While ARCA Recycling focuses on preserving the health of the environment via responsible appliance recycling, JanOne focuses on improving the health of individuals via developing innovative treatments for conditions that cause pain.

ARCA Recycling is the largest implementer of appliance recycling and replacement programs in North America, with over 100 programs in operation. JanOne Inc. is a unique Nasdaq-listed company offering innovative, actionable solutions that it believes can help create an end to the opioid crisis. JanOne Inc. is dedicated to funding resources toward innovation, technology and education to find a key resolution the national opioid epidemic, which is one of the deadliest and widespread in the country’s history.

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