ARCA Recycling, Inc.
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Appliance recycling and changeout programs by ARCA Recycling, Inc.

ARCA Recycling, Inc.

ARCA Recycling, Inc. offers a full array of appliance recycling and change-out services.  In the past four decades, we have assisted in the recycling of tens of thousands of appliances.  ARCA’s turnkey programs provide appliance disposal  and replacement in a safe and responsible manner.

ARCA’s efforts result in preventing  the release of ozone-depleting refrigerants and foam-blowing agents as well safely disposing of  other environmentally-dangerous materials.

How ARCA’s Clients Benefit

ARCA’s appliance recycling and replacement programs offer a turnkey approach for utility energy efficiency programs. Our programs include a full array of services including in-house marketing, data management and comprehensive customer service.  Implementation and ongoing program management provide a seamless experience for the utility client and a positive consumer experience.